Are you ready to push your Charleston dance to the next level?

In this extensive videos series I will be breaking down techniques and steps from the legendary Charleston dance of the 1920’s. Each chapter tackles one Charleston topic, and will be showing different patterns, variations and styling within that topic.

Here’s an example from the chapter: “Fall Off The Log Tricks”

8 Chapters, over 40 videos and ~2 hours of content!

Ksenia’s Secrets of the Charleston 20’s is a chocolate box of dance steps, movement tricks and technique tips. Enrich your pockets with good basic vocabulary as well as dizzy flashy moves that will insure your greatness on the dance floor. Learn some of Ksenia’s step variations and get inspired by the immense world of creativity that jazz brings. And all of it will settle the best way in your body with a seasoning of some useful technique secrets. The series cover a wide range of levels: from beginners to advanced dancers. Beginners can learn basic steps and techniques,  improvers can enrich their vocabulary and learn some flash steps and advanced dancers can get new ideas, steps variations and refine their style.

“I picked the best of what I know and love about 20’s Charleston and combined it with my dance experience and general dance approach. Above all I value the individual voice in any art form. That is why I am sharing my way: my personal twist on original steps plus steps I created myself as well as ideas I have developed over the years.” – Ksenia


photo mockup of Secrets of the Charleston online dance course

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