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Buying this €100 gift voucher will enable €120 of credit on this website that can be applied to an Essential or Premium membership.

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Full membership entitles you to 5 complete online courses, taught through 14+ hours of HD streaming video. With 222 video classes, an online community and direct feedback from Ksenia, you can soon Unlock the Secrets of Solo!

Members Get Access To

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Variation Lab

Tired of repeating the same steps? Try this brand new course in 4 volumes. You will learn 14 variations of 4 classic solo jazz steps. You’ll find breakdown & practice videos, and “frames” – a new approach to practice footwork within set choreographies. Expand your vocabulary and learn how to connect your new footwork within a flow!

  • Volume I: "Cross Step" available now!

Solo Jazz 101

Never danced Solo Jazz before? This course is for absolute beginners! It starts with the fundamentals of dancing: feeling the beat, walking with groove and bouncing. Ksenia will then guide you through the basic jazz moves and help you create your first dance routines. Advanced dancers can also benefit by firming up their basic steps.

  • 4.5h
  • 60 lessons
  • absolute beginner

World of Kicks

A specialist course that will show you how you can be creative in your solo dance with just Kicks. You will find out how to play with kicks safely, with style and musicality. Add twists, rotations, syncopation and get an amazing new toolset to join your solo dance repertoire.

  • 4.5h
  • 60 lessons
  • beg/int & up

Secrets of the Charleston 20’s

In this unique series, you will discover Ksenia’s own way of dancing 1920’s Charleston. From her twist on original authentic moves to tricks, ideas and steps that she has created herself. 8 chapters, each covering one Charleston topic, showing different variations and styling.

  • 2h
  • 46 lessons
  • all levels

Secrets of Improvisation

A one-of-a-kind course which will help you develop the skills of improvisation and musicality. A treasure box of original ideas from Ksenia’s research and concepts adopted from music educators. The course is taught alongside Irish pianist Cormac McCarthy.

  • 4.5h
  • 66 lessons
  • beg/int & up

Premium memberships

The €120 voucher can be applied to either one of these memberships


1 year
Get the absolute most from my online courses by receiving personal feedback.

  • 5 complete courses
  • On demand HD 1080
  • Basic Jam Circle forum access
  • Private music playlists for courses
  • Q&A sessions with Ksenia through Jam Circle
  • Personal video feedback from Ksenia

30-day-money-back guaranteed


6 months (€20/month)
Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality

  • 5 complete courses
  • On demand HD 1080
  • Basic Jam Circle forum access
  • Private music playlists for courses
  • Q&A sessions with Ksenia through Jam Circle
  • empty

30-day-money-back guaranteed

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No problem! Send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.


You will be charged when you start your subscription, and we are sure you will love the courses, however if at any point in the first 30 days you are unsatisfied with the quality of the material, can’t find what you’re looking for or just feel they aren’t for you, simply email our support team, and we will give you a 100% 30 day money back guarantee.

Premium members have an opportunity to get a one to one video feedback from Ksenia. You simply upload a video of you dancing, and send the link to Ksenia via Jam Circle. Once a month Ksenia will respond with video feedback specifically for you, giving you advice, tips and secrets to improve.

If you have any question related to the courses or dance in general essential and premium members can ask Ksenia on the Jam Circle forum Q & A section. Ksenia will respond weekly to all questions.

Totally! If it you are an absolute beginner in solo jazz there is a special course for you – Solo Jazz 101. Start right there. It will guide you though the very fundamentals of jazz dancing and basic jazz steps. All the other courses are built in a way, that each chapter or class starts with more basic moves or techniques and builds up to more advanced material progressively.

Yes! Check out Secrets of Charleston 20’s for the specific styling, technique and moves of that era. Go to World of Kicks course for quite technical kick variations, routines and improvisation tricks or try Secrets of Improvisation to discover the tools to dance with more creativity, musicianship and create your own steps and variations. You will benefit from this course more if you already have some jazz vocabulary. Finally Solo Jazz 101 is a great resource for teachers and other advanced students looking to learn new ways to teach the fundamentals.

After running this course for over 5 years now, I know that the first month is the hardest for many students, and some don’t stick with it and pursue their goals. By committing to 6 months or a year you will push through the initial learning phase and that’s where you will find real improvements in your dancing. Also having direct feedback form Ksenia on these longer memberships drastically improves the quality of your learning. The monthly option allows for complete flexibility, and with the core material that is available in the other subscriptions it is a great supplement to live classes in your hometown, where your own teacher might offer you direct feedback.

Absolutely. If you have tried out the monthly option and would like to upgrade your membership, simply contact the team, and they will upgrade your account.

Yes, you can cancel your premium account at any time. Your user account will remain active but limited to a basic level. Ksenia will occasionally reach out to you with updates, offers, special tips and other news.
If you want to completely shutdown your account just send us an email and we’ll remove you from all mailing lists and permanently erase your account.

All members of Ksenia’s school have access to Jam Circle. You simply login with your username and password from the website and from there you can access the school’s community forum. Q+A with Ksenia is available for essential and premium users. If you are a premium user directly request video feedback from Ksenia on your dancing.

All courses display a mark of the videos you have watched and the ones you have left to watch. Users can see how far along they are in each course and how much they have to complete.

We present all of our videos in SD, 480p, 720p and 1080p quality. We provide all of these quality levels for our Premium Members so that you may choose the quality that best fits your computer’s and internet connection’s capabilities.

At this time- videos will be available for online streaming only. If you have special purpose for a copy of a video, please contact Ksenia with your request.

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