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3 essential habits to improve your solo jazz dance

Discover 3 simple habits that will make your solo jazz dance practices alone improve and help you refine your movement and style. 1. Film yourself, film yourself, film yourself The great Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly in their latter years would spend large parts of a studio budget on months of pre-production and filming of dance rehearsals. They…

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Practice Time 2: How to practice improvisation?

Everything we do in swing and social dances unless it’s a performance or choreography, is an improvisation. We are going to look closer now on how to actually practice it. There is an ocean of things to practice. Again, limit yourself. Don’t practice everything. Everything means you won't really improve significantly in any element of your…

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Practice Time 1: General tips

My students very often are interested if I practice by myself: what, how and how often. I am a solo dancer, that’s my life, love and profession. Oh yes, I practice. It’s the best way to discover things and improve. I practice physically and mentally. As often as I can. Normally I work on the weekends: jazz festivals, swing dance festivals, dance…