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Lindy Hop Jitterbug dance couple

How to improve your Lindy hop with solo jazz: 8 ways

Solo jazz is one of the best ways to help you improve your Lindy Hop. Lindy hop is a partnered dance that gives a lot of freedom to each partner. Even when dancing in close position or in a break away or swing out, there is so much freedom to improvise and express the music with your feet. Every single great Lindy hopper in the old times and now…

Photo of Ksenia Parkhatskaya teaching swing and solo jazz dancing to a big class

7 essential tips for learning & growing in solo jazz dance

In this post, I am going to share a few valuable tips to improve in your solo jazz dancing. I took it from my own experience of studying dance since I was 6 years old as well as diving into Jazz culture for the last 8 years. I highly encourage you to learn, practice, soak everything you can from teachers, other dancers. Take whatever you are…