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Charleston Dancers, Charleston dance contest in front of St. Louis City Hall, 13 November 1925

How to do the Charleston?

The Charleston dance was "The King of dances" in 20th century and had a huge influence on American culture.  In this blog you can find out different ways of how to do the dance, its technique and footwork. Charleston dance history Charleston is a name of the city, dance style, step and song. Scholars attribute the spread and invention of the…

Picture of Ksenia Parkhatskaya swing dancing tired for the blog on Jazz Improvisation

Jazz Improvisation: Musicality Training

This Jazz Improvisation is the result of 2h musicality training with my husband and musician/ composer - David Duffy and one of the greatest musicians of all times, a pure and endless inspiration Oscar Peterson. David was directing my dance by guiding through the music. Teaching me how to listen to music, what to hear and what to accentuate in my…