Dance shoes!

Apr 26, 2016
Ksenia Parkhatskaya

Many people ask me about my dance shoes. Which brand I use, where I buy them...

I will tell you my secret. I design my dance shoes myself and have them made in a theatre shoe workshop in St - Petersburg.

When I started dancing Swing & Charleston in 2011, I was trying to find the most comfortable, beautiful and functional dance shoes, however couldn't find them. Too firm, too thick, slippery, sticky, beautiful but uncomfortable and so on and so on.

My first design I did in 2012 for my dance troupe ChazzMim Show. Here is one of the show we did, the show "Les Marionettes". It was a quest, I must say. I changed several shoe masters, found my perfect form and here you go.


I love shoes that make your legs long, that's why most of my dance shoes are beige, golden to blend with the skin tone.

Ksenia's dance shoes - gold
Ksenia's dance shoes - silver

I danced in Butterflies one of my favourite jazz numbers: Oscar's Jazz:


I love elegant shoes - tango was my inspiration. This is model I called "Jazzville" (the "Endless Leg"). My absolute favourite one! I've got a sparkly light gold color version of those for performances.

Ksenia's dance shoes - Jazzville
Ksenia's dance shoes - Jazzville 2

Here is Chicken Rhythm dance on Ukrain's Got Talent danced in those beauties:

Vintage of course, as you see on this model "Medalion".

Ksenia's dance shoes - Medalion
Model "Medalion"

In action

Here are some photos of me dancing in my shoes:

Dance shoes in action 1
Picture: Miki Barlok
Dance shoes in action number 2
Dance shoes in action on stage
Dance shoes in action on stage beige dress

You can get them, too!

In the last few years so many shoe brands popped up in the swing dance world. The whole new industry for everybody's taste. I never imagined selling my shoes. They were always a personal venture. And some of the girls, dance friends, in St - Petersburg are using my pattern. However, there seems to be an interest to shoes, selected by professional dancers.

So here is the question, are you interested in my designs and would you like to this type of dance shoes for yourself?

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