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Solo Jazz 101

This course is for absolute beginners! It starts with the fundamentals of dancing: feeling the beat, walking with groove and bouncing. Ksenia will then guide you through the basic jazz moves and help you create your first dance routines.

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Variation LAB Vol 1: Cross Step

Welcome to Variation LAB of one of the most often used moves - cross step. Here you will find 14 video classes with break down & practice sessions of 14 Ksenia's variations of the step. As well as 3 levels of "frames" - a new technique of practicing footwork within the choreography.

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Variation LAB Vol 2: Fall Off The Log

Expand your repertoire with one of my favorite steps – Fall Off The Log. No need to worry about “not knowing enough of footwork” to dance. We can dance almost the whole song with just this one step if we explore all the sides and possibilities of it. By adding triplets, pauses, breaks, slides, and turns you can make this simple yet rich step a whole choreography!

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World of Kicks

A specialist course that will show you how you can be creative in your solo dance with just Kicks. You will find out how to play with kicks safely, with style and musicality. Add twists, rotations, syncopation and get an amazing new toolset to join your solo dance repertoire.

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Secrets of Improvisation

A one-of-a-kind course which will help you develop the skills of improvisation and musicality. A treasure box of original ideas from Ksenia’s research and concepts adopted from music educators. The course is taught alongside Irish pianist Cormac McCarthy.

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Secrets of the Charleston 20’s

In this unique series, you will discover Ksenia’s own way of dancing 1920’s Charleston. From her twist on original authentic moves to tricks, ideas and steps that she has created herself. 8 chapters, each covering one Charleston topic, showing different variations and styling.

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Feedback, Share & Connect

Jam Circle is a friendly forum created specially for all the students of Ksenia’s Secrets of Solo online dance classes. Here you can get feedback, share and connect with Ksenia and other dancers. The more engaged you are as a learner, the more powerful your learning experience will be!

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