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Ksenia Parkhatskaya has been unlocking new movement, creativity and expression in dancers around the world for over a decade
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Solo Jazz 101
Never danced Solo Jazz or Swing before? This course is for absolute beginners! You’ll discover the fundamentals of swing: feeling the beat, walking with groove and bounce. Ksenia will then guide you through major solo jazz dance steps and help you create your first dance routines. Advanced dancers can also benefit by firming up their basic solo jazz dance steps.
Secrets of the Charleston 20's
It’s all about the “King of the Dance” 20s Charleston. By taking this course you will learn over 30 classic Charleston moves and their variations. You’ll discover all about the styling and try out some eccentric flash steps.
World of Kicks
A course where you’ll discover how to be creative in your swing and charleston with just Kicks. You will find out how to play with kicks safely, with style and musicality. Add twists, rotations, syncopation and get an amazing new toolset to join your dance repertoire.
Variation Lab in 4 Volumes
Tired of repeating the same steps? Try this brand new course in 4 volumes. You will learn 14 variations of 4 classic solo jazz steps. You’ll find breakdown, practice videos, and “frames” – a new approach to practice footwork within set choreographies. Expand your swing dance vocabulary and learn how to connect your new footwork within a flow!
142 videos
all levels
Secrets of Improvisation
This course will help you develop the skills of improvisation and musicality in solo jazz and swing dance. The course is based on Ksenia’s original methods and concepts adopted from music educators and taught alongside Irish pianist Cormac McCarthy.
Practice Games
Training solo jazz and don't know how and what to practice? This course/ collection is for you. Here you will find games to work on footwork, musicality and contrasts, all are essential elements of improvisation and performance. Ksenia will explain in detail her own original games, that she uses herself and then you can practice each game to a full song together with her.
60 videos
all levels
Jazz Arms
Don’t know what to do with your arms in jazz? In this course you will discover the secrets of how to invite your upper body and arms, fingers and palms into the dance. We will work on posture, movement, image, expression, and gesture. Ideas, specific exercises and examples from the greats in theory and action. Each lesson is followed by a full practice together with Ksenia.
52 videos
all levels
World of Arms in 5 Volumes
Want to open the world of possibilities of arm work outside of swing dance & learn to apply them in solo jazz? Try this course taught by dancer & choreographer Aina Lanas in collaboration with Ksenia. You will discover techniques of arm work from various styles, learn new movement & unlock yourself through free improvisation.
72 videos
all levels
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Plus All Recorded Masterclasses

“My dance school is for everyone, from beginner to advanced, who wants to feel more confident in solo jazz dance and find freedom in expressing themselves through movement” – Ksenia

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Who are these courses for?

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Never danced before?
We’ve got special courses for you such as Solo Jazz 101. Start from zero. Explore the fundamentals of jazz music, rhythm, body movement and learn your first signature jazz steps.
Dance solo jazz for a while and feel stuck?
Take our courses on improvisation, variations & creative concepts. These will open your mind and body to new ways of using the material you already have and get you unstuck.
Dance partner swing and want to improve?
No better way to skyrocket your partner dance than to work on your solo. Work on body awareness, jazz improvisation and footwork variations so you feel free to express yourself.
A pro in other styles and curious about jazz or new material?
Try 20s charleston, authentic jazz or improvisation. Browse the library to cherry pick footwork or choreographies to add to your repertoire.
Teaching solo dance, searching for new material and how to teach it?
There is no better way to improve your teaching than by becoming a student again and watching great teachers teach. Material of all courses is refined from years of international touring and teaching. Finding the best way to deliver it to students.
Not a dancer?
In 7 years we had many non-dancers joining the school to improve their well- being. Charleston & jazz are high intensity styles. They can compete with sports. Get yourself in shape, improve rhythm, develop ability to move with the music, energize and motivate yourself for life.
young swing dancer Maria
No matter what your level is...
You’ll always know what to work on next thanks to our step by step progressive courses. Making your practice more efficient and learning more enjoyable.

What our community says about us...

Amani Jaafer
January 13, 2022

I have never thought, I would be so excited learning from an online class, especially a dance one that requires a presence and a whole atmosphere. I finally could understand the basics, how to count, how to understand music... Very detailed content, loaded with fun and Ksenish vibes. PS: I normally skip reviewing and giving online feedbacks xD but with this one, I felt it was a must. Ksenish (adj.) = energetic, exciting, and exquisite. Mille mercis pour l'effort !!

Yuliya Kim
October 4, 2021

What a great experience! Thank you so much Ksenia, you are a sunshine and make my days beautiful with your energy and positivity. It's a pleasure to go from one lesson to another guided by a great teacher and music. I definitely see the progress.

Helena Horvat
September 29, 2021

This is an excellent course! Everything is explained really well, there are lots of steps and variations to be learned. Ksenia is an excellent teacher and she has a lot of positive energy! She shows you lots of tips, tricks, and secrets to make your dancing look really good! The quality of the videos is great! Warm recommendations for this course.

June 21, 2021

I am a hobby musician and my guitar teacher recommended I should start dancing to practice rhythm. I hate dancing!!! So I thought. But then I discovered swing and found these absolutely wonderful courses by Ksenia. Pure fun in an absolutely professional way. I have finished the first part of the beginner's course and I am looking forward to my summer holidays which will be filled with much more of it. The videos are perfect, sound and music are very motivating and the explanations couldn't be better. And after 1 year of Corona-laziness it's the best way imaginable to get some physical exercise. I will never be a dancer, but these courses are improving my rhythm, my ability to move with the music and they are abolutely motivating even after a long and hard day to just choose a great swing song on youtube (the playlist is a great help) and to do just a couple of minutes of swing dance. After that you've forgotten all the day's trouble and your mood has been lifted. I even caught myself listening to a swing song in the supermarket, and starting some steps before I noticed the expression on some people's faces around me. More than I ever expected! Thank you so much!

andres carballeira
April 25, 2021

Es una suerte dar que profesionales tan generosos, solo me sale una palabra, gracias

Gergő Keresztes
March 14, 2021

I was always very sceptical about learning to dance using online materials, but Ksenia's lessons are very detailed, well thought and built, so I feel that solo jazz has become accessible to me. I think she feels by intuition how many times to repeat some stuff to be accessible for the learner, her videos have a high level of practicality which I describe as top quality. I am now hesitating to continue with Secrets of Improvisation or Charleston. Thank you, Ksenia, it is amazing! ;)

Eleni Merm
February 20, 2021

Ksenia is a multitalented, amazing teacher with sharp, kind and helpful personality! She is unique and opens for her students a brand new world, with her entirely new perspective on dance. Highly re commented for regular classes and any kind of jazz workshop!

Irene Festa
January 28, 2021

When deciding to purchase a dance course online, everyone has the same doubt - will I be able to learn as well as in person? The answer, for me that tried both, is YES and even better than in person! Ksenia’s videos are so perfect in explanation, she uses simple metaphors that make the steps clearly understandable. Plus the white background makes you really focus on the movements and she has always so many tips and tricks to share. I also participated in the Sunday live sessions of zoom and I love how she structures them around a singular move and helping us to get out of the scheme and experiment and be spontaneous as we should be in jazz! I highly recommend her course for every level (I started from zero!)

Roberto Donati
January 17, 2021

Ksenia is great Dancer, great Teacher... What's else?... also a great singer... She is a complete Artist!

Ingrid / Germany
January 16, 2021

Bin seit einem Monat dabei und nach wie vor begeistert. Super aufgebaut, enorm viel Inhalt, super erklärt. Kleine Lektionen mit wenigen Minuten, die man sich Stück für Stück erarbeiten kann, egal ob Anfänger oder Fortgeschritten. Professionelle Lern-Videos einer weltklasse Tänzerin. Absolut empfehlenswert!

Maria Heckmann
January 10, 2021

Die Online-Kurse von Ksenia und ihrem Team sind einfach großartig! Alles ist so professionell aufbereitet, von den Videos, den Erklärungen bis hin zur Webseite und dem Support. Ksenia ist eine hingebungsvolle und erfahrene Lehrerin, der es wirklich daran liegt, das Beste aus jedem einzelnen Tänzer herauszholen, das habe ich persönlich erlebt. Ich bin sehr glücklich, diese Kurse für mich gefunden zu haben und kann sagen, dass sie mit Abstand die besten sind, die ich je hatte. Dank Ksenia's Feedback habe ich in den letzten Monaten so viel dazugelernt, es war eine wunderbare Zeit! Ich habe Secrets of Solo schon vielen Bekannten und Freunden emphohlen und würde es immer wieder tun. Danke, liebe Ksenia!

December 15, 2020

I have been part of the Secrets of Solo Online School for 9 months now and I totally recommended to dancers of all levels (beginners and advanced). I have been dancing before for more than 10 years and I have noticed a great improvement since joining Ksenia’s online dance school thanks to her detailed video explanations, methodology and her feedback. Furthermore the content of the online school is very varied and you have such a great time while learning. My best investment of 2020 ;)

Valentina Consoli
November 21, 2020

Ksenia is one of the most amazing dancers on this planet and she is a marvellous teacher too! I'm a professional contemporary dancer and I started dancing lindy hop and solo jazz a few years ago and Ksenia changed my life! I think that the online school Secrets of Solo by Ksenia is doing really great for me for a lot of reasons and you must try this if you enjoy dancing! Ksenia put a lot of effort in every detail of every video and follow you step by step. The website is very easy to use and to learn little by little and there is tons of cool material that you could go through. Ksenia's school will help you becoming a better dancer and I'm sure that you will never regret starting this wonderful journey for yourself!

jean-marc sylvestre
November 5, 2020

Bonjour  J'adore votre pédagogie et votre style. Vous rayonnez et votre charisme nous séduit à chaque fois.  J'y trouve tous les détails que je recherchais depuis longtemps.  C'est tellement bien fait, que j'avance doucement,  très lentement même.  J'ai l'impression de re-découvrir le Swing.  Donc juste Topissime  Ces choix pédagogiques parfaits pour moi : Une video D'explications / une vidéo de pratique . Et cette excellente idée de prendre une base et nous proposer des variations. Excellent, chacun peut vivre "son émotion " au travers d'un seul pas. Bravo Merci beaucoup  . Jean-Marc  FRANCE // Ile De La Réunion

October 23, 2020

I had a good friend give me a gift of a free month. A lot of content and just the right amount of focus and guidance that I was ready for. I happily subscribed monthly after the free month. :)

Elena Bulai
July 30, 2020

I am honestly very happy with Ksenia's courses! I just finished Solo Jazz 101 and it was an amazing experience! She explained everything very well and clear and it made it easy for me to understand the music as well! She teaches with pleasure and energy and I liked the constant encouragement to try out new stuff and to not be afraid of just dancing, if that makes sense and to find my own style! The video quality is really good, sound as well! I have not experienced anything bothering so far! I would recommend it to anyone, really, begginer, intermediate or advanced! I am looking forward to taking the next courses!

Glenn Zasman
July 15, 2020

It's no secret, Ksenia's solo jazz courses are simply the best - short and sweet, to the point and very accessible. The videos are presented in a highly professional, yet friendly and challenging manner. "T'aint what you do (tis the way that you do it)". That sums it all up. I can highly recommend these online classes to all who want to get to grips with authentic jazz dance and progress at their own pace.

Lobke Mienis
July 13, 2020

Great to start with solo jazz. The classes are short and clear and I enjoy them! Finally a place were I can learn this, wanted to start with this already for many years. I would like to learn even more about understanding the music. Although I didn't explored everything there is to learn in the school yet :)

Lucy Findlay
July 12, 2020

Ksenia's online school is carefully designed to take each beginner Jazz solo dancer by the hand and joyfully lead them through every stage of learning, right up to the most advanced levels. Ksenia not only explains the steps, but transmits the spirit of the dance in such a tangible and delightful manner....her enthusiasm is contagious. The website also has a whole section on the history of the dance which is fascinating, with links to videos of its creators, and she has made the most amazing playlists to practice to. I have still to discover so much, but have loved every bit of what I've seen so far.

Juan Castellarin
July 7, 2020

I really loved the site. I would strongly recommend you to sign up for the premium content as the Monthly feedback you get from Ksenia is absolutly amazing and helpful. The courses content are very clear and well organized and you can follow along with her guidance which help a lot to correct the movements. You will find powerful tools to learn improvisation as well and lots of variants so you can start exploring and defining your own style. +10

June 15, 2020

The online school is incredible, because she is incredible! I am not a dancer, but I love to dance. For a long time I wanted to learn swing and solo jazz. Her school allows it from the most basic to the mostcomplex, it is excellent! Her classes are clear, the courses are very well ordered and you also have extra info on many topics (history, technical advices). Step by step you discover a magical world full of movement, expressiveness, music, even singing! Thanks to her I have felt like dancing again!!

Renja Salonen
June 10, 2020

Ksenia's Secret of Solo online courses are wonderful! I like how the classes are structured. There are short separate videos of technicality of steps, separate practice time to music, putting steps together into short sequences and some improvisation. Ksenia is very clear in her instructions and makes the classes very enjoyable with her energy and excitement of dancing. I have very much enjoyed my month with Secret of Solo and will definitely go back for more. She has inspired me to keep on practising everyday, even if it is just 10 min.

Constance Hurlé
June 5, 2020

I love the Online School, you can do the courser whenever you want, view and review them. there is a lot of material. The only thing I miss (but you can search for the live lessons and you'll find it) is a section of warming up, because I love Ksenia's warming up, they are so funny and complete!! Anyway, the platform is great, also the assistance!

kathy pfeiffer
June 4, 2020

Ksenia's online class is THE BEST! She's an incredible teacher: clear, fun, great at breaking down steps and articulating exactly what to do with your body, Plus, she helps you really hear the music. I had an unexpected bonus too: my foot pain (plantar fasciitis pain - of nearly a decade!) is seemingly gone. I think it must be from using different lower leg and foot muscles than I have in the past. I can walk barefoot on wood floors with no pain - even first thing in the morning. My feet, legs, heart and mind all love her teaching methods! Sign up! It's FUN!

Louis Clément
June 4, 2020

The lessons are amazing and very well explained. The figures are fluids, beautifuls and i'm looking forward to show them on the dancefloor :-)

Debbie B
June 3, 2020

I will be a member forever. Ksenia is truly the best dance teacher I've ever had. I've learned so much and I can feel in my dancing how my musicality is improving. I've also learned a lot more about jazz music and have been inspired by Ksenia to read several books about jazz and jazz history. This is such a fun learning adventure with Ksenia. I never want to stop being her student.

Very good course, I can learn when i’m free and I can focus on more interesting topics! And i like very much the jam circle: I feel followed in my learning!! Thank you Ksenia For this month together, we stil have 11 months!! Top!!

May 23, 2020

seems like forever.. that i´ve been dancing with you, and it´s only a month now! to be honest, i wanted to bridge the gap until the lockdown is lifted and my group classes resume. a few minutes into your course, though, it was obvious that this is no substitute, it´s a miracle!! the combination of your sophisticated teaching skills (precise, vivid and funny), your incredible musicality (in dancing AND singing and conveying your feeling for the rhythms we use) - plus the structure of the course is all i could ever wish for. i like your general suggestions for a regular practice, too - and it is SO! easy to come back to the course every day!! so much fun and i love everything about secrets of solo, from the organizational framework to the tiniest little detail in a camel walk ** thanx a million and keep swingin` ! janne

Dianne Romain
May 22, 2020

I’ve been studying and teaching Lindy Hop for a few years, and I like to incorporate solo jazz in routines. I’m delighted to be learning more solo jazz steps—especially now that we’re sheltering in place! I love these classes, which explain and demonstrate steps clearly and thoroughly! I use the classes to improve my dancing and to help me become a more effective teacher.

Ksenia is an amazing teacher and dancer. The classes do are challenging, but they really worth it. She is very enthusiastic, joyful and extremely precise. Also, she is very encouraging and benevolent. What I really appreciate is that Ksenia is not teaching you just how to dance. She shows you how to express yourself, how to blend dance with the music, intuition, and fun. She is really passionate about it, and her enthusiasm is communicative! The classes are very organized, step by step each with "that little detail" that makes you feel you not only know the step, but own it. Thank you a lot.

As a dance teacher (International Ballroom) I can only recommend Ksenia’s online course! It is well structured, following a consistent methodology suitable for both beginners and advanced dancers. The cherry on top is that Ksenia’s positive vibes are contagious and will definitely brighten your day!

Laura Steffner
May 14, 2020

I definitely recommend this course. I found the courses well structured and the explanations easy to follow. Besides, Ksenia's enthusiasm is contageous :)

Sara Angius Dance
May 12, 2020

As a professional contemporary dancer I can totally recommend this course suitable for both beginners and professional. It is complete in exploring all the aspects of the Solo Jazz/Charleston Dance. The teaching methodology is structured in a very intelligent way and it allows the students to build their knowledge in a very consequent way. I am fully satisfied and enthusiast to get to know Ksenia's beautiful universe and I strongly recommend it!!

April 26, 2020

Ksenia is simply the best in everything! An amazing dancer, a perfect teacher, great attitude, beautiful smile =) She is the most generous teacher I've ever known and she really takes you to the higher level! I totally recommend her online classes, definitely worth it!

Ed B.
April 26, 2020

I've been taking Lindy Hop lessons for 20 years, and Ksenia offers a deeper knowledge of the dance than I've ever gotten anywhere else. When she explains something -- anything -- she goes into such depth, that even if it's something you've had explained a hundred times before, you'll hear things you've never heard before, and you'll understand it afresh. I especially love that she emphasizes technique with everything she says, so whatever she's teaching, steps, choreography, whatever, you learn how to do it the right way, AND you can always apply that technique to everything else you do.

April 26, 2020

Really fun way of learning to dance, Ksenia is a great teacher, loving the online classes

Sara A.
April 26, 2020

I have been taking Ksenia's online courses for the past six months and to say it's worth every penny is an understatement. You can feel her passion and love for dancing even through the screen and it definitely rubs off! For me she's one of the most inspiring dancers and teacher. She breaks things down so creatively to not only help you understand moves but actually to tell stories through your dancing and to help you find your expression. She is the only dancer who has opened my eyes to the communication aspect of dancing -- with others and perhaps even yourself. I highly recommend her brilliantly organized secrets of solo courses,

Nadezda Kantur
April 26, 2020

Thank you very much, Ksenia and David, for the opportunity to unite with so many people from around the world to practice solo jazz in these uncertain times! Thank you for your attention and time for making these courses! It really makes me feel connected and hope that we will get through this COVID crisis very soon.

Joe Viola
April 26, 2020

Great courses for any level, a huge amount of material broken down so that you can practice for ten minutes or an hour at a time. Accessible for beginners, but there's lots for more experienced dancers to work on in terms of improvisation, understanding the structure of the music, practice tips, etc. Really a fantastic value!

K'Sandra Sampson
April 26, 2020

Ohhhhh my! My 1st ever class and on my birthday, too??? Best birthday so far to train with a master! Ksenia brings the heat and creates a raging inferno! It's been my wish to train under her tutelage for years and I finally get the chance. She is truly one of the best in this genre and inspires me to rise to her level! I'm a newbie (under 2 years) and this LADY HAS THE SECRET SAUCE....literally! Cannot wait to continue my growth!

Ksenia is a multitalented, amazing teacher with sharp, kind and helpful personality! She is unique and opens for her students a brand new world, with her entirely new perspective on dance. Highly re commented for regular classes and any kind of jazz workshop!

I will be a member forever. Ksenia is truly the best dance teacher I've ever had. I've learned so much and I can feel in my dancing how my musicality is improving. I've also learned a lot more about jazz music and have been inspired by Ksenia to read several books about jazz and jazz history. This is such a fun learning adventure with Ksenia. I never want to stop being her student.

As a dance teacher (International Ballroom) I can only recommend Ksenia’s online course! It is well structured, following a consistent methodology suitable for both beginners and advanced dancers. The cherry on top is that Ksenia’s positive vibes are contagious and will definitely brighten your day!


Learn from the best.

ksenia parkhatskaya toe turn rock that swing festival solo jazz dance show
Ksenia Parkhatskaya
Instructor, CEO
Ksenia Parkhatskaya is an award-winning dancer who has worked with artists as diverse as Postmodern Jukebox, the Paris Opera Orchestra and Christian McBride.
Trained in professional ballroom dance since the age of 6, method acting, West African dances in Senegal, contemporary techniques, Ksenia became famous through her 20s Charleston show on “So You Think You Can Dance” (UKR).
Ksenia has taught workshops at over 250 international swing and jazz festivals over the past 10 years. This demand is due to Ksenia’s unique, inspirational teaching methods, contagious energy and passion for dancing.
“Her ability to break down movements using powerful imagery and visual associations for dancers of all levels has made her online dance tutorials the perfect way to learn solo dance”
- HK dance magazine
18+ Million
cover for World of Arms vol 5 online course
Aina Lanas
Aina is a multidisciplinary dancer and choreographer from Barcelona. Trained in ballet, jazz and contemporary, she is specialising in different styles of urban and contemporary dance. Teacher of “World of Arms” course in 5 volumes.
ksenia parkhatskaya toe turn rock that swing festival solo jazz dance show
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The primary dance style of our school is Solo Jazz dance

Solo Jazz is a modern umbrella term collecting dance styles rooted in African dance traditions developed in America throughout the 20th century and danced to various styles of jazz music.
Some of the courses are fully based on vernacular movement. Yet other courses present a hybrid form of jazz. The school recognises jazz dance as a continuum rooted in African tradition and constantly developing.
Dancer Bee Jackson doing the charleston
20's Charleston
The “King'' of dances that swept America during the early 1920’s with its fast tempos, dazzling footwork and eccentric moves done to “hot jazz” and ragtime music (ie. Secrets of Charleston 20s).
Charles Cholly Atkins, a dancer who created and popularized many solo jazz dance steps
Jazz Roots
Style includes steps and vocabulary of the vernacular jazz tradition with it’s “animalistic” movements and syncopated rhythms (ie. Solo Jazz 101).
Leon James & Willa Mae Ricker lindy hop and solo jazz
A style of dancing that developed along with swing music with its signature “swinging” rhythm that dictates its own way of movement.
Picture of male swing dancer black and white
Ksenia Parkhatskaya solo swing dancing in a blue suit no background
A heart of jazz culture. Originality and individuality are not only admired, they are expected in jazz. A sense of play, curiosity and bravery, deep connection to your own self, your body and music is what we develop with learning how to improvise and express ourselves through jazz.

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Jam Circle is a community forum for students of Secrets of Solo. Here you can share and connect with thousands of other dancers. The more engaged you are as a learner, the more powerful your learning experience will be!
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I love how she approaches dancing. By using very clear metaphors,she gives you a better understanding of body awareness, musicality, steps, variations etc...and her energy while she teaches is amazing! Very recommendable!:)


Brilliant online course , steps broken down bit by bit , opportunity to learn at one's own pace. Passionate and enthusiastic teacher. I am loving all this learning! Thank you. :)

Anne Pauleau June 2, 2020

Secrets of solo is a great school for learning and improving dancing skills! I love Ksenia's teaching! She knows how to transfer the energy and love for dance. The best part is a lot of smiling and enjoying the dance despite mistakes I make. :) Totally recommend it! <3

Željka Vidović April 26, 2020

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portrait photo of Ksenia Parkhatskaya
Jazz dancing opened a new way of living for me...
”…an expressive, joyous, free and independent life! And I wish that for you too. Whether you are an absolute beginner, an experienced dancer or a teacher there are hours of content for you to explore and discover here with me”
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