Find out why over 3,689 dancers have joined us and start your swing dance lessons today!
“My online dance lessons are for everyone, from beginner to advanced, who wants to feel more confident in solo jazz dance and find freedom in expressing themselves through movement”
— Ksenia


Every subscription entitles you to 10 complete online courses, taught through 24 hours of HD streaming video. With 411 online swing dance lessons, a community and direct video feedback from Ksenia Parkhatskaya, you can soon Unlock the Secrets of Solo!


Unsure what to do with your arms? Want to open the world of possibilities of arm work outside of swing dance & learn to apply them in solo jazz? Try this course taught by dancer & choreographer Aina Lanas in collaboration with Ksenia. You will discover techniques of arm work from various styles, learn new movement & unlock yourself through free improvisation.
37 videos
all levels


Tired of repeating the same steps? Try this brand new course in 4 volumes. You will learn 14 variations of 4 classic solo jazz steps. You’ll find breakdown, practice videos, and “frames” – a new approach to practice footwork within set choreographies. Expand your swing dance vocabulary and learn how to connect your new footwork within a flow!
142 videos
all levels


Never danced Solo Jazz or Swing before? This course is for absolute beginners! You’ll discover the fundamentals of swing: feeling the beat, walking with groove and bounce. Ksenia will then guide you through major solo jazz dance steps and help you create your first dance routines. Advanced dancers can also benefit by firming up their basic solo jazz dance steps.


A course where you’ll discover how to be creative in your swing and charleston with just Kicks. You will find out how to play with kicks safely, with style and musicality. Add twists, rotations, syncopation and get an amazing new toolset to join your dance repertoire.


It’s all about the “King of the Dance” 20s Charleston. By taking this course you will learn over 30 classic Charleston moves and their variations. You’ll discover all about the styling and try out some eccentric flash steps.


This course will help you develop the skills of improvisation and musicality in solo jazz and swing dance. The course is based on Ksenia’s original methods and concepts adopted from music educators and taught alongside Irish pianist Cormac McCarthy.

Who is Ksenia Parkhatskaya?

Dancing since 6 years of age, Ksenia Parkhatskaya became famous through her signature 20s Charleston choreography on “So You Think You Can Dance” (Ukr). She soon rose to be one of the most viewed dancers on the internet with over 200 million views. Ksenia has taught workshops at over 250 international swing and jazz festivals over the past 10 years. This demand is due to Ksenia’s unique, inspirational teaching methods and passion for dancing.
Secrets of Solo online dance school was born in 2015 out of desire to share the passion for jazz dance even wider. Ksenia’s ability to break down movement of any difficulty with powerful imagery and visual associations makes it clear for dancers of any level to learn from her. She is always retaining a light, playful energy throughout her classes.

”Jazz dancing opened a new way of living for me - a free, joyous, curious, healthy and independent life! Whether you are an absolute beginner, an experienced dancer or a teacher there is hours of content for you to explore and discover here with me”
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Feedback, Share & Connect

Jam Circle is a friendly forum created specially for all the students of Ksenia’s Secrets of Solo online dance lessons. Here you can get personal video feedback on your dance, share and connect with Ksenia and other dancers. The more engaged you are as a learner, the more powerful your learning experience will be!
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Ksenia is on hand to help you and answer your questions through personal feedback.

Best investment for learning and improving your dancing!

I have been taking Ksenia's online courses for the past six months and to say it's worth every penny is an understatement. You can feel her passion and love for dancing even through the screen and it definitely rubs off! For me she's one of the most inspiring dancers and teacher. She breaks things down so creatively to not only help you understand moves but actually to tell stories through your dancing and to help you find your expression. She is the only dancer who has opened my eyes to the communication aspect of dancing -- with others and perhaps even yourself. I highly recommend her brilliantly organized secrets of solo courses,

Sara A

Hands down the highest quality and most professional dance videos I have found

I've always been convinced there was no reason to pay for dance lesson videos with there being so much available on youtube. I stumbled upon one of Ksenia's videos by accident trying to sift through the jungle of videos on youtube and after signing up for a free trial, I took the plunge.Why pay for something you can learn from free videos on the web? Because these are not only hands down the highest quality and most professional dance videos I have found, but they are thorough with great attention to detail. I am a very linear learner and have learned so much through repetition of the basics in a format that lets me go at my own pace.Corona might have ruined swing dancing for 2020 but Ksenia saved dancing for me. I try to practice 30-40 minutes a day and have been encouraged by how much more comfortable I feel with my body. Feeling comfortable in your own skin can only make you a better dancer, both partner and solo. I look forward to getting back to social dancing when all this is over, ahead of where I was instead of rusty from a year of doing nothing!

Caley Ortman

Great courses for any level

Great courses for any level, a huge amount of material broken down so that you can practice for ten minutes or an hour at a time. Accessible for beginners, but there's lots for more experienced dancers to work on in terms of improvisation, understanding the structure of the music, practice tips, etc. Really a fantastic value!

Joe Viola

Highly recommended!

Ksenia is simply the best in everything! An amazing dancer, a perfect teacher, great attitude, beautiful smile =)She is the most generous teacher I've ever known and she really takes you to the higher level! I totally recommend her online classes, definitely worth it!

Sara Padidar

Thank you!

Ksenia's course is top of the art. She breaks down every move and anticipates every question you might have. After going through jazz 101 I feel I can finally count to music and catch the 8th, after 4 years of half guessing and following others. Thank you! Keep up the good work!

Madalina Buzduga

It doesn't get better

Taking classes with Ksenia is almost too good to be true: you are guided on your own journey by a world-class dancer who is also able to teach. Whatever your level, you will improve the quality of your dance. I would recommend not hesitating, and joining in the fun instead - it doesn't get better!

Katherine Zach

Discover the Secrets of Solo

Find out why over 3,689 dancers have joined us and start your swing dance lessons today!
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