Jazz, pillole di storia e caratteristiche della danza nera Afro-Americana

Apprendere la storia della danza jazz, del Lindy hop e delle discipline ad esso correlate, è fondamentale per poter riconoscere, accettare e rispettare la tradizione. Sapere da dove provengono il tap, il solo jazz, lo shag …, quali sono le loro origini e come si sono modificati nel tempo, è nostra responsabilità come ballerini e […]Read More

10 social couple jazz dances: from Cakewalk to Lindy hop

The history of social dancing in the United States is very rich. Most of us heard of Lindy Hop or swing dancing. Though there were many amazing dance forms in combination with Jazz music, that dominated the cultural landscape in America in the first half of the 20th century. In this blog I will make […]Read More

7 main solo jazz dance styles: from vernacular to stage

Jazz dance is an umbrella term collecting many styles. Jazz dance has been constantly evolving, changing with time depending on who, where and to which music it was danced. In this blog we will overview 7 solo jazz dance styles and branches such as Buck and Wing, Strut, Eccentric dance, Charleston, Black Bottom, Broadway Jazz […]Read More

The history of the Charleston dance 

Any of us that dance swing surely love the Charleston dance! But so few of us know the history, where the dance originated. Although we all have an image of white rich flapper girls, dancing the charleston, smoking cigarettes and smiling on screen, do we really know who invented the first steps that came to […]Read More

Vernacular, authentic or modern, what is jazz dance? 

(Solo) Jazz dance is an umbrella term collecting many dancing styles with different history. Let’s clarify a very common and equally most confusing topic of what is the difference between vernacular, authentic, modern and solo jazz dance. This way we can understand the characteristics and history behind each better. To be proficient in any specific […]Read More

How to improve your turns in solo jazz dance as a beginner

If you are a beginner, to improve your turns in solo jazz, first you need to focus on the basic techniques of turns. Preparation and spotting are the 2 most important elements of turning. In this blog you will discover the essential tips for improving your turns. If it doesn’t look easy it is that […]Read More

The 3 most famous flappers and how they changed the image of a woman

“Flippant flapper, trim and dapper, naughty, haughty, chic man-trapper. All together now, boys, ‘Has she got IT? Well, I guess. Clara! Clara! Yes! Yes! Yes!’ ” The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio Flappers made huge leaps forward in economic, sexual and political freedoms for women. Colleen Moore, Clara Bow and Louise Brooks were the 3 […]Read More

History of popular solo jazz dance steps

Solo Jazz dance has gone through many changes over the years, but learning the origins of the classic and popular solo jazz dance steps is key to growing as a jazz dancer. Here I give a brief overview of the history of some of the most popular and still used solo jazz dance steps. Jazz […]Read More

Jazz. A Brief cultural history and characteristics of Black dance

A history of jazz dance and historic perspective helps us acknowledge tradition. Where jazz dance, and it’s related styles of Lindy hop, solo jazz, tap, shag etc. come from and pay respect to its origins and community. When we talk about jazz dance we need to talk about the cultural history of jazz dance, we […]Read More

3 essential habits to improve your solo jazz dance

Discover how to improve your solo jazz dance with 3 essential habits. Learn how to improve and help you refine your solo jazz movement and style. 1. Film yourself, film yourself, film yourself The great Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly in their latter years would spend large parts of a studio budget on months of pre-production […]Read More

7 essential tips for learning & growing in solo jazz dance

Allow me to share something precious that helps me improve my jazz dancing every day. I took it from my own experience of studying dance every single day since I was 6 years old as well as diving into Jazz culture for the last 8 years. 7 essential tips for learning & growing, finding your voice & style in an improvisation – based Jazz dance forms.Read More

Announcing Jam Circle: a Community Platform

Today I am very excited to launch our new community sharing platform for all members. Jam Circle is a modern, adaptable forum-style website that is designed to serve as a companion to the "Secrets of Solo" online courses, connect our Members with chat and sharing facilities, and provide a place where I can interact and provide direct feedback to you, my awesome members!Read More

How to practice improvisation in solo jazz dance?

Everything we do in solo jazz dances is an improvisation, unless it’s a performance or choreography. We are going to look closer now on how to actually practice it. There is an ocean of things to practice in solo jazz dance styles. Again, limit yourself. Don’t practice everything. Everything means you won't really improve significantly […]Read More

General tips for practicing solo jazz dance

My students very often are interested if I practice solo jazz dance: what, how and how often. I am a solo jazz dancer, that’s my life, love and profession. Oh yes, I practice. It’s the best way to discover things and improve. I practice solo jazz dance physically and mentally. As often as I can. […]Read More

Jazz Improvisation: Musicality Training

This Jazz Improvisation is the result of 2h musicality training with my husband and musician/ composer - David Duffy and one of the greatest musicians of all times, a pure and endless inspiration Oscar Peterson. David was directing my dance by guiding through the music. Teaching me how to listen to music, what to hear […]Read More

Ksenia's Secrets of the 20s Charleston

Are you ready to push your Charleston dance to the next level? In this extensive videos series I will be breaking down techniques and steps from the legendary Charleston dance of the 1920’s. Each chapter tackles one Charleston topic, showing different patterns, variations and styling within. 9 Chapters, over 40 videos, 2+ hours of content! Learn some of Ksenia’s step variations and get inspired by the immense world of creativity that jazz brings.Read More
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