We provide a full support platform for Members on our Jam Circle platform. Please submit your account or technical issues there.
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Common Support Questions (FAQ)

Sometimes the system requires an hour to add your permissions on the courses. Occasionally new signups need to be checked by the admins. Feel free to contact our web support tech manager Andrew using the Whatsapp support chat box, or email [email protected] if you still cannot access the courses.

Just sign out of Jam Circle / Secrets of Solo, and then back in again. This forces Jam Circle to reacquire your user level. If you still cannot see the full Jam Circle, get in touch with our support manager Andrew using the Whatsapp chat or email [email protected]

Occasionally on some lessons the volume control loads in “muted” position. Turn it up and you will have full sound!

You can stop the renewal of your subscription by yourself at any time in your Membership settings. Click on the icon in the top right corner to access the settings. Your user account will remain active but limited to a basic level. Ksenia will occasionally reach out to you with updates, offers, special tips and other news.
If you want to completely shutdown your account just send us an email and we’ll remove you from all mailing lists and permanently erase your account.

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