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Practice Time 1: General tips

My students very often are interested if I practice by myself: what, how and how often. I am a solo dancer, that’s my life, love and profession. Oh yes, I practice. It’s the best way to discover things and improve. I practice physically and mentally. As often as I can. Normally I work on the weekends: jazz festivals, swing dance festivals, dance…

Ksenia's Secrets of Solo online dance course Secrets of the Charlestons 20s jump wideleg

Ksenia's Secrets of the Charleston 20s

Are you ready to push your Charleston dance to the next level? In this extensive videos series I will be breaking down techniques and steps from the legendary Charleston dance of the 1920’s. Each chapter tackles one Charleston topic, and will be showing different patterns, variations and styling within that topic. Here’s an example…

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Become a member of Ksenia’s Secrets of Solo Due to an overwhelming amount of positive feedback to my performances and classes, I have decided to launch a website with online dance courses. Dancers can access these online dance classes by becoming a member. If you become a member, you will get full access to all courses of Ksenia’s…